Estes Park Dining While Visiting Rocky Mountain National Park

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RMNP Entrance Sign
Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the wonders and most prized lands in America. These 415 square smiles at the roof of the United States are a veritable playground for nature enthusiasts. The park offers amazing vistas, pristine alpine and subalpine terrains, and breathtaking landscapes that will marvel you and capture any nature lover's heart. There is so much to see and do, that it is recommend to plan and to secure at least one overnight stay.

Only 20 minutes outside of the National Park's visitor center, Estes Park is the ideal location to center your plans to visit. It is the closest developed urban area to the park's core; where you can fuel up, shop, dine and find lodging. The park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but to stay in the park you must make campground site reservations. During the months of July through September, the campgrounds are full by the afternoon. From November through May camping season is closed. Despite dramatic weather changes, this wilderness area is a world of thriving and changing wonders that beckons visitors all y ear round. With warm and cozy reservations at a nearby Estes Park place of lodging, you'll be able to frequent the park at your leisure.

In the village, you'll find plenty of merchants, accommodations and foodie approved Estes Park dining options that will keep you energized for your hikes and outdoor activities. Restaurants such as Mama Rose's Italian Eatery offer casually elegant sit-down surroundings and a reliable menu of Italian favorites, with a price point suitable during vacationing.

While in town on a break from the park, a visit to the the villages' beautiful Riverwalk will help you get acquainted with the historic mountain town feel. Poppy's Pizza & Grill is the place to enjoy a remarkable pizza, accentuated by a fine wine list; or take it back to your hotel thanks to their carryout options. The restaurant also boasts options for the dietary needs of vegans, allergy sensitive concerns, and gluten-free diets.

Rocky Mountain National Park is a unique and beautifully tranquil place, that also comes with the need for consideration of real life dangers. Planning your visit is very important. Securing proper equipment, adhering to proper hydration and keeping yourself energized with nutritious foods at such high altitudes will ensure that you have a successful and memorable visit. Contact us to learn more about the resources and dining options available to you in Estes Park.


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