9 Things About Restaurants in Estes Park You May Not Have Known

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Mama Rose’s and Poppy’s Pizza and Grill are two prominent restaurants in Estes Park located along the Riverwalk. While their classic and traditional cuisine is savored by many frequent customers, there are many things aside from their secret ingredients that remain a mystery to their patrons.

1. Behind the Scenes

For instance, both eateries are co-owned by Rob and Julie Pieper, who are residents of the Estes Park Community. They have been in business since 1994 and residents since the 1980’s and their aim was not simply to please the palette, but to also give something back to their community as well, which is why they partake in volunteer work and are involved with a number of non-profits.

2. The Social Media Band Wagon

Customers can now “like” and become a fan and comment on the food they love by joining the Facebook pages for both these restaurants. Mama Rose’s and Poppy’s now have smartphone apps which all iPhone enthusiasts can download to get instant access to their menu’s and events.

3. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 

Aside from a flair for all things culinary the restaurant owners also have a green thumb. They are dedicated to protecting the environment as much as they possibly can, not only by recycling but by using biodegradable and recycled materials as well. Their “Giving Back” program donates a portion of their profits to specific green organizations.

4. Get a Little Tipsy 

Both restaurants offer a wide variety of beer and wine. At Poppy’s, it’s a more of a casual affair, but at Mama Rose’s, it’s fine dining and events like wine tastings and wine dinners. Mama Rose’s wine list is extensive, continually updated and sold both by the glass and the bottle. .

5. Dollar Bills

Whether is the classic setting of Mama Rose’s or the laid back atmosphere of Poppy’s Pizza and Grill, the prices astound customers. Both restaurants are surprisingly low priced while the plates are overflowing with delectable delights. A better deal would be hard to come by.

6. Mama Rose’s vs Poppy’s Pizza and Grill

Serving sandwiches, soups, burgers and pizza, Poppy’s is more of a casual fast food eatery serving a combination of both American and Italian classics. Mama Rose’s on the other hand, has a classically Italian menu amidst an elegant setting with separate menus for lunch and dinner. 

7. Bring the Kids

Both restaurants in Estes Park offer kid’s menus, which are the same and contain a short list of kiddy favorites:

· Onion rings, fries or carrots as finger food.

· Corn dogs

· Chicken nuggets

 · Grilled cheese

 · American cheese hamburger 

8. Punctuality Please 

While Mama Rose’s does take reservations their lunch hour is between 11-3pm, with dinner beginning from 4pm onwards. Poppy’s on the other hand, has no specific menu for lunch and dinner, but are open from 11am-9pm in the summer and during winter they close at 8 pm.

9. Enjoy the View

Finally both these restaurants in Estes Park are situated on the Riverwalk and have the most spectacular views of the Thompson River where customers can just sit back, relax and enjoy the mouthwatering food and the company of their family and friends.

Whether you are in the mood for classic or casual dining, customers can never go wrong with either one of these restaurants.