15 Undeniable Reasons to Love Rocky Mountain National Park

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rmnp2All the things you hear about the Rocky Mountains are not rumors. Anyone who has been to see the mountain peaks and the alpine lakes will surely tell you what an amazing and memorable place it is to travel to.

There are a lot of things to do, here are 15 undeniable reasons to love Rocky mountain national Park;

1. Climate and Weather

The Rocky Mountain National Park has perfect weather and climate, the serene is welcoming to people who want to have a good time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and traffic.

2. Continental Divide

The Rocky Mountains are strategically located, enjoying the continental divide that is to the western part of the park, the water flow is separated into the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Oceans. It is a unique place to visit and experience this great wonder.

3. Infinite Scenery

The park occupies a large surface area, where there is, diverse nature and geography. Here there are numerous lake,s wildlife scenery, several mountain peaks, and the ever green wood scented forest, a perfect place for afternoon walks with the family and friends.

4. Hotel and Lodging

There are plenty, if not a lot of, hotel and lodges available around the Rocky Mountain National Park. Hotel and lodging are scatted around entrances to the park and are strategically located. 

5. Up to Date Technology

While in the park as a corporate traveler, the park resort is equipped with the modern technology to those who prefer to work near or around the park. That includes wireless internet, flat screen television and cable to keep you updated of what is going on around the world.

6. Endless Trails

If you are an outdoor Enthusiast, you will love over 400 trails around the park. 

7. Take Nature Classes

While at the park, you can spend some time at the visitors center, where there is a lot to learn by taking a nature class from the experts, visit the exhibits and the museum, or extend your knowledge with a park naturalist while taking a tour.

8. Take an Interesting Scenic Drive

The park offers travelers with vehicles many different high mountain roads and passes that to take photos and enjoy the peace and quite. Drive over Trail Ridge Road, which is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day (weather permitting).

9. Wildlife

The Rocky Mountain National Park has diverse wildlife that can only be found in the park, which are unique from other similar breeds, this includes big horn sheep and spotted elk. There are many other animals that you will not fail to notice while inside the national park.

10. Have Fun in the Park

The park has a vast green bare land that is perfect for picnics, while at the park you will also enjoy hikes from one entrance to another. Go birding which is permitted by the management, while you enjoy the hikes. But remember to stay on the trails to protect the tundra. 

11. Do normal activities

The Rocky Mountain National Park is not isolated. Try dining in Estes Park, where you can find everything from ice cream treats to fine Italian dining. Take kids to any of the amusement parks, attend the town festivals, or attend an event or rodeo.

12. Join your favorite sport

If you plan to spend some time at the park, you don’t have to follow the everyday routine, if you are a fun of sports or would love to try new sports activities, there are sport activities in and around the park. You can play miniature golf and bike racing with other visitors over mountain passes.

13. Keep Fit

You don’t have to worry about your regular gym or workout routine, there is plenty of room for people who take their workout very seriously. The activities can be spiced up with mountain biking, skiing, or even mountain climbing.

14. Adventure

Here is where there is a lot to do, the list is endless, but to start, white water rafting, walking with snowshoes on trails in winter, go backpacking and more.

15. Family Time

There is a family treat at the park, you can spend quality time with the family in the wilderness over a camp fire, sign the kids as junior rangers, go horseback riding and much more. For the extended family the Rocky Mountain National Park is a perfect place to hold a family reunion.


Dining in Estes Park, the base of Rocky Mountain National Park.